Death and rebirth in a relationship.

I had a chance to be in a chat room and a presenter, Laila was giving a chat on death and rebirth in a relationship.  So in a nutshell, I am sharing some of the information which I find insightful.

For those of you who has some understanding in astrology, Laila mentioned that when the planet Venus and/or Mars in one’s transit chart is/are making square aspect with any of the following planets, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, one is definitely going through some big changes in a relationship.  According to Laila, Saturn and Uranus are the biggest planet of karma.  You either serve or suffer under such planets’ influence.  You probably will have to either process and get out of the relationship or process, approve and change in the relationship.

For e.g. In a woman’s chart, the planets Uranus and Saturn are making a square aspect with Mars.  She is in a no win situation she is being asked to be spiritual and she is being asked to spend time with herself. When faced with such karmic time in a relationship, both will have to be tremendously cooperative in order to handle the relationship during that transit.  It is because the force is asking you be more into yourself.

She said that if you love somebody, then love thyself and self esteem is crucial in any love or marriage relationship.  That way, you will get more love from your mate because they know you have a high self esteem and high self esteem is one of the most beautiful qualities you can find in a person.  Two people with powerful self esteem build the best relationship. The bond between the two should be obvious, where they do not have to say, you know, I am really in love with you.  It is as if I love myself because you are with me and I feel blessed that I am a person like you.  So protect that self esteem.  Do not be so quick to follow the soap opera’s and romantic novel’s that take all the love and power out of your own heart and give it to someone else to do whatever they wish with it.

During long transit period, the secret is to hang in there and handle the transit.  If you care for your mate, then work on your own self esteem and just ride the rapids of it and the other choice is to process and rebirth. Quite frankly, when you do let go of a partner, be it in a marriage or love relationship, you finally realize that this is not good for me; it is not the way it was.  The karmic road has come to an end.  When you realize that you have done everything you can with a person, then the most courageous thing you have to face, is not only processing and just being alone but also being free again.

When you have finally processed the relationship you have been in, you get over the anxiety, stress and everything, it is similar to death.  That is why, people who are intuitive, feel as if they are dying because it is a rebirth, a change, a metamorphosis is on the horizon, where you will never be the same again.  You will leave behind that weak, vulnerable side of yourself and you will glow and burst forth spiritually because that is what relationship is all about.  If the relationship does not work, you are meant to process it, without getting self destructive by smoking, drinking or taking drugs.  Just be real about it and get in touch with your real feelings, meditate and pray.

Learn how to build self esteem and rebirth into the light, God’s love, that is the priority in life.  The priority in life is the Spirit, nothing more, everything down here is an illusion, material.  We get caught up in the illusion of separation, that, this person is so important.  The illusion of this God entity, separated from the whole and his image and in his mind is more important than anything. There you go, something for you to reflect on.     


One Response to “Death and rebirth in a relationship.”

  1. Shandel Says:

    I like your posts
    Even if they’re long
    They provide me with lots and lots of understanding
    Thank you!!!!
    Sorry if I don’t read your blog as often as you’d like me to


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