Salsa Dancing adventure.

I attended a school concert a few years ago.  One of the performances, salsa dancing really caught my attention.  The dance was performed by a couple, both teachers, husband and wife, the coordination was one of the most graceful and smoothest that I have ever witnessed.  Talk about harmonious relationship, this is certainly a classic exhibit of hand in glove cooperation. 

I got so intrigued by it that I started researching the classes available in my area.  It was just within a handful.  I went to check out a place and decided to pursue, one of the most difficult lessons of my life.  So here it goes, left foot one step back, one step front, right foot one step front, and one step back, do not sway your hips, eyes on your partner, hands resting gently on the others, count four in one, last count silent, do not bend your knees or bend, what? And etc.  Oh my god! I thought, what have I gotten myself into.  I felt as if I got all my clutches, gears and pedals mixed up and all over the place for the first time. Trying to use my mind to coordinate my limbs, listening to the cue and feeling it all at the same time and applying some logic and system into it, I have to say I fumbled badly like a clown for the first few lessons.  If I can picture myself, the description is close to getting a mannequin to dance.  Seeing how good the teacher was, and others, being in the salsa lesson felt quite intimidating and a daunting task.  Like a fool I was too enchanted by my desire to dance like them and the music was rather infectious and animating, with catchy tunes, I did not give up so soon. 

So back on my internet again, like a professional undergraduate student, adopting the scientific approach, I started researching on, this time, the theory of salsa which explains about the origin, the techniques, the instruments behind the music, and etc..  Practising with a partner.  Still in the lesson.  It did not justify my progress.  Something in my dancing was still out of place and I could not, in all my attempt, metaphorically speaking, get the bolt and nut in place.

Like a stubborn mule, I persisted, this time, I took a few one to one lessons. I also braved myself to just practise on the dance floor, coming back from dancing past midnight like Cinderalla bolting back home for the reason that I hardly graced the dance place in the late night.  But the love of wanting to be at least a reasonably abled dancer, I took the adventurous risk, may not be perceived by others, being a timid in that area, for me, it was.

I was fortunate enough to have found a dancing partner who was superbly excellent and was kind enough to dance with me frequently.  And finally, somehow, it clicked, things just fell into place and I was dancing myself like Alice in Wonderland exploring Disneyland and having much fun, I have to say, I was enlightened in some way.  What I meant was I was lit up in everyway when I was dancing you probably see me with one of my million dollar smiles.  Even writing and recalling it now, makes me smile.

In retrospection, this is what I have learnt or discovered from my experience in salsa dancing.  As a female partner, you have to learn how to take cue from the male partner and learn how to allow yourself to be led by your partner gracefully.  Your partner, if possible, have to be really good at leading.  I am used to being independent since young it was hard to be led, that explains my struggle in the dancing lesson initially.  This really teaches me about life and a lot about myself too; how I can apply that principle of the dance into real life.  To be in harmony, one will sometimes have to surrender gracefully to the flow of life or support and if in partnership, the leader has also to be good at leading, generally the gender leading is the male, but not necessarily the case, if the other is more able.

It also teaches me to not be in my mental mode of controlling when I am dancing and this is also applicable to living. When you think less or none, you are in the flow with the pulse of life and enjoying the moment, the same when you meditate.  The soul needs to express itself and sometimes there is no words to define it so dancing is a good form of expression, like art.

I have seen ladies in their middle age crisis especially after sending their children off to college, go through the empty nest syndrome and at the same time, their relationship evolves to a different mode.  So, what is really catching up among them is line dancing. You really get to witness them having a whale of a fun time, it is really rejuvenating and brings one back to life like being a child again.  In fact, it is deserving for these mothers after accomplishing, so to speak, their call for duty.

Further, when I am dancing with the other person, just by the way he holds my hand and leads me and dances, it tells me a lot about that person for the first time, whether the person, is sensitive, organised, authoritarian, considerate, etc..  Apart from that, I also learn about myself when I start to observe my feeling and my moves.

Seeing from afar, for those who are not into salsa dancing, some may view the moves as sleazy or provocative.  It is actually a beautiful,  graceful and a sexy dance.  We actually hardly touch, I mean body to body, and we were taught how to keep at a certain distance. Those who are into salsa dancing, are more into mastering the dance then looking for a partner, off course, not to mention, that such potentiality does exist.  What they say, dancing is the vertical expression of love making, an interesting definition.

So in a nut shell, I had fun with my adventure and learnt a lot.  Hope you get to experience some of that fun too!    




3 Responses to “Salsa Dancing adventure.”

  1. Neel Says:

    Loved the way you narrated your experience….

  2. uacinfinity Says:

    Thank you Neel, for your kind comment. Best wishes!

  3. Jacqueline Says:

    What a beautiful post.

    I agree that, yes, dance can be very exciting.

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