Learning how to lose things.

Yes, an odd title isn’t it? I have something to share which is true to my many experiences of losing things, being an absent minded person, at times.  After reading my story, you will understand, as to why, such a title.

My first lesson in losing things was when I was in Neale Street, London, England.  I was there to get some astrology books based on a recommendation of my astrologer friend from Los Angeles, USA .  After purchasing a few books at the astrological shop, Equinox, I went to a nearby bright red phone booth, typical signature of London, to make a call.

After making the call, I carelessly left the books on the counter.  Within a few minutes, I realised that I had forgotten about the books.  With high hopes, I quickly went back to look for them.  Much to my disappointment, it was gone.

I started looking around at the walking crowd sourcing for one that might carry the bluish bag with the gold astrological chart printing.  Without much luck, I decided to go back to the shop and told them that I had just lost the books.  I left my contact information with the staff in case anyone would return the books.

I then walked to the nearby terminal to catch a train back to the hotel.  I was low in spirit. As I was walking, I suddenly had this thought.  I said in my mind as if I was talking to God.  I said, well, if I really have to lose the books, may it go to the hands of someone to whom the books would be of much benefit.

As I have surrendered to the incident, I was able to sleep peacefully that night.  I had forgotten about it the next day, when a call came in for me from the Equinox bookstore, informing that they have possession of my books.  I was thrilled.  Apparently, someone tried to get refund for the books.  I made my prayer of thanks.

So the lesson here for me is to not be attached to our wants and desire.  In the midst of our loss, we are to stay calm and be at peace.  We are to trust that if we are meant to have it back, it will happen anyway and if not, it would be for our highest good or others.

To be continued ………………….

N.B.  The picture is one of the Trinity rivers, Northern California, taken in the early summer of 2005.


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