Creating a home in my heart.

When I was young I had always yearned to travel far, far away.  My wish came true after the birth of my daughter, Shandel.  Holding my baby for the first time, it was one of my happiest moments.  I have to say that I have always felt very blessed having Shandel in my life.

When she was five months old, I made my maiden voyage, over the seas, to England, following my husband who had to attend part of his MBA course in Bath, a beautiful floral city.  It was one of the hottest summer in England.  We had a very pleasant trip.

When Shandel was eighteen months old, I was offered a job that allowed me to travel more.  It was hard on the three of us, and at the same time, it was something that I really wanted to do.  I really missed my family and home, and yet, to see the world, was exciting, and I had waited a long time.

So, here goes, the process of creating a home in my heart.  It involves learning to be comfortable wherever I am.  It also involves having to make choices to be calm or peaceful or contented where I am.  Another lesson is surrendering to what is right in front of me and in the present moment.  The bigger one is trusting that everything would be fine, and knowing that all experiences, though challenging at times, would be good if you learn something at the end of it. And finally, having gratitude.

This journey to the home in my heart has been well tested recently.  I was put in a situation where I was left out to dry, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Despite the challenge, I was shown kindness, generosity and love by my friends and even by strangers, who became my friends for life and I was just in gratitude.

My higher realisation now is that when you have a home in your heart, you actually have a home in everyone’s heart and that we are all connected at a divine level. 

N.B.  The picture is one of the Trinity rivers in Northern California taken in the early summer of 2005. 


6 Responses to “Creating a home in my heart.”

  1. djgang Says:

    Hi there, you seem very, very wise! God bless you! I find holding onto gratitude, focusing on gratitude will work wonders. And yes, experiences all happen for a reason, remaining positive through them all and feeling the experience…oh, helps so much. Yep, we are all connected!

  2. uacinfinity Says:

    Hi there djgang, Thank you for your response. I am already feeling the connection in your kind support. This is my first attempt in blogging and I am encouraged. Cheers and blessings to you! Kayce

  3. James Filomeo Says:


    I have only known you for a short time but in that period I found you to be an individual who will not just succumb to the will of others or take on the role of a victim. You have truly been tested and you rose to the occasion, standing for what you feel is right and for what you have earned and deserve. I know you will overcome any hardship and be a stronger person for it. I wish you continued happiness in your life endeavors.

  4. djgang Says:

    Well, Kayce, you are most welcome and please come visit my blog. I have a rather hectic like and I’m on a journey as well…..

  5. djgang Says:

    *hectic life*…see I can’t even get it out right! lol!

  6. uacinfinity Says:

    Hi James,

    My appreciation to you for your assistance and advice when I needed it most. Yes, despite the short time, I have come to respect the pragmatism and fairness you demonstrated and I have much to learn from you. Thank you for your kind encouragement and wishes and may it be returned to you in many folds. Kayce

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